Monday, July 28, 2008

Bridgee Jumping

So I have this friend who has some sort of an age record for his kids jumping off of structures. (bridges, rock outcroppings ect...) 

His kids record is 9 years 2 months. 

My kids record 8 years 2 months.


Brent Hope said... is very obvious to me that someone pushed Annabelle off of the bridge. You can tell by the way her arms are flailing back. Plus look at the look on your dog's face. He knows.

So having been pushed off the bridge her jump becomes null and void, the equivelant of olympic doping...she is disqualified!

My daughter wins!!

Lewis Family said...

Screw you Hope!

Jumped.. Pushed... no difference she still wins.

Sarah Hope :] said...

heh heh, that is a WEINNIE!! bridge anybody can do that one. you should take annabell to the st. anthony bridge. see if she'll jump THAT one. (talk to my dad for more information about the st. anthony bridge.)